Recycling and ZLD

Desalination uses reverse osmosis technology to remove salts and impurities from water to make it fit for drinking. Even though 71 percent of the world is covered in water but the fresh water is only a mere 0.5 percent which is running dry fast and soon it will be a great task to find water fit for drinking. As such we need to make the use of water available to us in the most efficient manner. Desalination and recycling is useful for industries as well as homes as once you are in possession of waste water left after some activity you performed, you can reuse that water again for a number of purposes. It has numerous benefits like it provides potable and clean water and drinking water. It also provides water for the agricultural industry and thus saves a ton of water from being wasted and dumped. Rather than consuming water that is full of substances unfit for our body we will be able to use water which is at a safe level for use which is not hazardous for any living thing. It helps in protection of natural habitat because of less waste.

Desalination and recycling of waste water is tested through various experiments and created through the rapid advancement in technology.  Water for human consumption can also be produced . Feedwater may include brackish water, seawater, wells, surface (rivers and streams), wastewater, and process waters. Membrane separation requires driving force which is provided by a high pressure pump.

Enbio Green pvt. Ltd. aims at making the world a better place to live by creating solutions for the best use of wastewater and making sure that we recycle and reuse rather than dumping as it will significantly reduce the harmful impact of discharge and waste accumulation in society.

We use Solar energy based desalination system

Liquid discharge from factories and mills is a serious cause for concern. It pollutes the water bodies, harms the aquatic flora and fauna, and deteriorates the quality of soil and environment surrounding it too. Zero Liquid Discharge is a boon birthed out of technology and competent engineering. It is a water treatment where the water is recovered and the contaminants suspended in the water are converted into solid waste. This helps in the attainment of freshwater while minimizing the impact of solid waste and toxic substances. ZLD is a treatment that is a very effective process and in demand as it helps in upholding the social commitments of a company, reduces the pollution, and also helps in minimizing cost and succeeding in challenges that come as the wastewater amount becomes more concentrated. Salinity, scaling compounds, and organics all increase in concentration, which adds costs associated with managing these increases. ZLD is achieved by stringing together water treatment technology that can treat wastewater as the contaminants are concentrated. 

ZLD is laced with numerous benefits, which are financial as well as environmental.

As it reduces the amount of waste, the cost of waste management is also reduced. Often you can recover some valuable substances through this process, like chloride salt for ice melting. Reduces the harm to the environment and resources, makes for a better public image and fulfills social responsibility. Treating water on-site reduces water acquisition costs..

ZLD is important for many reasons. In a world where freshwater is an essential resource, industrial processes threaten its availability on two fronts, unless the water is treated. Many industrial processes require water, and then reduce the availability of water for the environment or other processes, or alternately contaminate and release water that damages the local environment. The waste accumulated from this process can also be sold to industries that can make use of them by using them to manufacture industrial parts. For example, recovering lithium or salt chlorides can prove valuable for the firm.

Engaging in the practice of ZLD is economically and socially a good option. Keeping the environment clean is the responsibility of every individual, group, and company. If you are fortunate enough to be allowed access to these resources, you have to use them in moderation and with consideration. We do not need to harm or make the environment shabby for our gains. If lost ones, these resources will be nowhere to be found. For this purpose, ENBIO PVT. LTD. is here to provide you the best ZLD treatment for the water waste you wish to treat. We use top-notch technology, which is proven and tested throughout tie-ups with esteemed colleges and institutes so that our clients get the best service that is there. We use Thermal Multi-Effect ( MEE), MVR WITH DRY DRYER, for complete ZLD solutions to industries. 

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