Enbio Green aims to provide nature-friendly waste treatment solutions to households, industries, and municipalities which is the need of the hour. With the depletion of resources and increasing threats like global warming, pollution, etc., we need to shift our focus from only making a profit to fulfilling our social responsibility while achieving our goals. The approach is beneficial for both nature and business entities. As such, Enbio Green offers the treatment of waste through ETP, which is adopted by leading companies worldwide. It is a process that removes hazardous substances from wastewater, which, if left untreated, threatens aquatic life as well as the surrounding water bodies. Industries like chemical, pharmaceutical, leather, or tanneries should always opt for this plant as the number of drugs and chemicals in their products is on a large scale which needs a high potential treatment plant to reduce any adverse impacts caused by industries on nature.

ETP is essential because it helps preserve freshwater by recycling and enabling the reuse of water multiple times. ETP also helps reduce the cost of freshwater procurement and reduce pollution and exploitation of natural resources.


 ETP or effluent treatment plant is used by many emerging and existing companies in different industries like chemical and pharmaceutical industries to treat wastewater and convert it into a purified or reusable resource. ETP helps to remove toxic and harmful substances and chemicals from the water. These plants support an eco-friendly approach which is endorsed by many companies who promote the sustainability of nature.


Industries like the pharmaceutical and chemical industries manufacture drugs for commercial purposes on a large scale. In the process of manufacturing drug incorporated products, different effluents and contaminants are produced. The waste produced is then processed through an ETP to eliminate dust, debris, pollutants, toxic substances, non-toxic materials, polymers, glass, pebbles, etc. ETP uses techniques like drying and evaporation, incineration, centrifugation, and filtration to enhance water purity further.

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