Modular Plants Technology


An UN registered vendor offering a variety of wastewater plants. Among them one is a non electric wastewater treatment container. Requiring no power and being self sufficient, it has proved to be durable and eco-friendly.
A wide range of sewer treatment plants are available around us. But this plant has an edge over the traditional septic tank used for water treatment. Septic tanks lacked in efficiency as they are tanks with the solid being removed. Many septic tanks fail and most are of a poor built. Eliminating these cons, the clearfox non electric wastewater plant is robust in build and modular in design. Supports Plug and play feature and also saves money and energy. Also assuring no wear and tear hence repair and maintenance costs are neglegible. Best suited for domestic purposes having a capacity to keep up to over 16 residents. Its application ranges from residential areas to tourism industry to holidays resorts


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    Biotech Technologies

    Bioenzymes / microbial consortium for bioremediation of Lakes, River, Municipal waste water, Industrial waste water, MSW odour control and composting.

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    Solar Based ZLD

    Solar water purifier and desalinizer plant offering water in an eco friendly manner. F cubed has spread out around the globe and fulfils the need for clean water in any quantity any scale.

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    Advance Oxidative Photocatlysis Technology

    h2o.TITANIUM, is an alternative tool to the traditional technologies of water /waste water treatment.