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Waste water treatment is the process of removing contaminated substances from water and converting it into effluent that will not harm the environment and maintain the purity of water bodies.

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Water is one of the most basic necessities which are needed for cervical on the Earth. Water covers 71% of the total area of Earth. However, it is no secret that it is a struggle to find pure water in all this abundance, only 0.5% of freshwater is available to access.

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Desalination uses reverse osmosis technology to remove salts and impurities from water to make it fit for drinking. Even though 71 percent of the world is covered in water but the fresh water is only a mere 0.5 percent which is running dry fast and soon it will be a great task to find water fit for drinking.


Solid waste means any garbage, refuse, residual, sludge from sewage, waste from factories, mills, commercial processes and other discarded materials from different sources. We can spot piles of waste rotting away everywhere we go, they rot and leave behind toxic discharge and foul smell.


We as human beings need nutrition and food to survive and thrive in the environment, in the same way microorganisms also have different requirements which are essential for their growth which is called bio culture. The micro organism is made to grow in a medium under specific conditions. 


Composting is a biological process in which microorganisms (bacteria) convert organic waste into compost. The compost looks like dry soil and is an excellent medium for growing plants.

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