Enbio Green is a waste treatment company that believes in the restoration of nature’s majestic features. It provides eco-friendly and sustainable solutions to treat liquid, solid, and gaseous waste to different sectors at an affordable cost.  STP is the ideal choice for removing contaminants and harmful substances from wastewater. STP converts wastewater like sludge, slurry, sewage, or semi-solid waste into treated effluent, suitable for disposal and environment-friendly.

STP includes three processes, i.e., biological, chemical, and physical. STP is adopted for the treatment of household, municipal and industrial waste. If wastewater is left untreated and released into the water bodies, it becomes a source of pollution and litter and further affects freshwater purity. As we know, fresh water is already a scarce resource for Earth. Thus, suitable actions should be taken to preserve our resources.


STP includes three stages. In the primary stage, sewage water is passed through large screens, eliminating large particles like grits, stones, dirt, sand, bones, seeds, and other material from the water. Grit removal is vital as heavy substances hinder the efficiency and speed of the process in further stages.


In the secondary stage, lab-created and microorganisms like protozoa and bacteria engulf the biodegradable substances like sugar, food particles, fats, and detergents. This stage is influenced by temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster is the reaction. This stage also includes two types of processes; Aerobic and Anaerobic treatment.


The last stage, or the tertiary stage, focuses on removing nitrogen and phosphorous in the water. The third stage makes the use of filtration, electrodialysis, nitrification, and denitrification to make the water potable.


Enbio Green aims to reduce our activities’ hazardous impact on the environment to the maximum level possible. Our eco-friendly and sustainable solutions will act as a medium to transform our surroundings and the current depreciating value of natural resources.

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