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Waste Treatment Company

Enbio Green Solutions Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2015 certified waste treatment company which has acquired this prestigious accreditation by maintaining its quality and standards for all the waste treatment services we render.

We are dedicated to the promotion of eco-friendly and sustainable practices in the field of wastewater treatment and solid waste treatment. As such, we rely on the application of advanced technological solutions for the treatment of solid and liquid waste. As such we implement solid waste odor and compact management, wastewater treatment, recycle/reuse, solar desalination and ZLD application in industrial and municipal sectors. We ensure that we maintain high standards of sustainability in our services and shape the future of waste through our technological and innovative approach and bring back the former glory of our Earth’s resources.


Industrial Service

The creation of large amounts of wastes in any industry is inevitable and so are the consequences that it poses to Earth. However, we have a counter for the second part as we can try to implement eco-friendly and sustainable treatment of our waste which will reduce Its impact on the environment. Our industrial waste treatment services include  ETP, STP &  ZLD.

Municipal Service

Municipality works towards the treatment and handling of the waste in a city. It is no secret that heaps of waste are generated every day through households and other sectors The treatment opted by them may be harmful to the environment like landfill or incineration which evolves toxic gases into the environment. We have decided to work in this direction and provide eco-friendly solutions for the treatment of sewage and solid waste at budget friendly prices


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Advance Oxidative Photocatlysis Technology

h2o.TITANIUM, is an alternative tool to the traditional technologies of water /waste water treatment.

Biotech Technologies

Bioenzymes / microbial consortium for bioremediation of Lakes, River, Municipal waste water, Industrial waste water, MSW odour control and composting.

Recycle & ZLD

Solar water purifier and desalinizer plant offering water in an eco friendly manner. F cubed has spread out around the globe and fulfils the need for clean water in any quantity any scale.

Modular/Containerized ETP, STP

We provide modular Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Sewage Treatment Plant (STP).


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Making the world a better place by using global premier green technologies in our products we aim to meeting the needs of our clients while keeping in mind all environmental and ecological needs.

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Merging of different technologies to give clients a customized and unique solution for their individual issues.hence, providing top notch solutions using the best of our services.

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Minimal cost consumption while delivering efficient and innovative solutions for your problems smooth after maintenance services as per client's convenience.

Research & Development

The ever growing technologies need to be tested first to see if they are fit enough to be rolled out into the world. We here look after such domains and have ties with universities, government bodies and the best research institutes to guide us in choosing the best of technologies for our work.

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