Bioculture Powder Chemical for STP & ETP Manufacturer & Supplier


We as human beings need nutrition and food to survive and thrive in the environment, in the same way microorganisms also have different requirements which are essential for their growth which is called bio culture. The micro organism is made to grow in a medium under specific conditions. The medium should contain water source, light source, nitrogen source and various other substances in order for the microorganisms to enhance the growth of microorganisms or biomass .Bio culture is used in the treatment of industrial waste and sewage wastewater because of its BOD, phosphorus and nitrogen ratio which is very important for wastewater treatment. In order to balance the ratio the bio culture is dosed with cow dung for BOD increase, urea is dosed for nitrogen.


It enhances the efficiency of wastewater treatment plants and reduces its harm on the environment by no use of harmful and toxic chemicals. It also prevents excess growth of filamentous bacteria which if not controlled leads to the problem of foaming in the aeration tank. There are many types of bioculture available in the market today which contain different nutrients for the microbial growth, which act as a catalyst in the growth of microorganisms and thus reduces the need for use of bio chemicals in the process. The bioculture we use for the treatment of water is guaranteed to reduce sewage and effluent pollution like BOD, COD, Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide and other obnoxious gases. We believe that the bio culture being used should not only help in rapid treatment of waste water but should also be a unique solution for all these problems mentioned above. It should be able to treat high salinity levels, should efficiently replace use of DAP, Cow Dung, Urea etc. Filamentous bulking and sewage should be removed to the best of the potential. Bio culture also saves time and work for a wide range of temperatures, it also accelerates the degradation of substances which are hard to digest like fat, oil, protein, starch etc. which improves the overall efficiency of any waste water treatment plant.


Enbio Green Solutions are all about sustainability and eco friendly ways. We believe in giving back to nature and making it clean and green. Thus, using bio culture in waste treatment is a great way to meet these goals. Use of bio culture reduces the need for the use of chemicals which are known to be a major factor for the degradation of all aspects of nature over the years. Excess use of chemicals for any process not only affects nature but it’s toxicity can also harm human beings and the wildlife. Thus use of bio culture has many numerous benefits which is a boon for nature as restoration of its beauty and integrity and using technologies which will re structure the way we handle and perform wastewater management.