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At Enbio Green Solutions, we promote sustainable treatment of different kinds of waste matter. We tend to emerge as a world leader of waste treatment services. We provide our employees with a work environment that is best suited towards their growth and enrichment.

We promote our employees to face new challenges, brainstorm for solutions and enhance their skills. ENBIO GREEN provides various opportunities for you to grow and develop your character both as a person and an employee. The work environment is rapidly changing and we encourage our employees to adapt to these changes so that they eradicate the scope for any uncertainties and contingencies.

Advance Oxidative Photocatlysis Technology

h2o.TITANIUM, is an alternative tool to the traditional technologies of water /waste water treatment.

Biotech Technologies

Bioenzymes / microbial consortium for bioremediation of Lakes, River, Municipal waste water, Industrial waste water, MSW odour control and composting.

Solar/Thermal Based ZLD

Solar water purifier and desalinizer plant offering water in an eco friendly manner. F cubed has spread out around the globe and fulfils the need for clean water in any quantity any scale.

Containerized ETP, STP

An UN registered vendor offering a variety of wastewater plants. Among them one is a non electric wastewater treatment container.

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