About Us

Enbio Green Solutions Private Limited was formed in 2018 as a Water treatment,Waste Water and Organic Waste Treatment Company. We have prioritized the sustainability and restoration of the earth’s former glory over the harmful and toxic wastewater treatment plants and techniques. We aim to provide quick and non-hazardous solutions for the treatment of solid and liquid waste discharge that is tainting the integrity of our homeland. In order to achieve this, we will be implementing the modern and advanced technologies of desalination and recycling, solid waste treatment solutions, wastewater treatment solutions and zero liquid discharge treatment. Recently we’ve been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. This clearly shows our commitment to quality and innovation. All our solutions are eco-friendly, low footprint, low carbon emission, low Capex, low apex, and sustainable. We are a team of professionals having rich experience in industries like sugar, distillery, automobile, pharmaceuticals, textile, dairy, etc. Our methods are thoroughly researched and experimented with to ensure their effectiveness and efficiency. Thus, being able to provide eco-friendly ways to eliminate waste in a budget-friendly manner. Our team has grown over the years, one of the hallenges we have often faced is how to structure our teams. We had a single team all working towards a common goal. With a high productivity level, we are across all domains solving problems efficiently in an effective manner.


Our Vision is to be a world class company in the field of Water treatment,Waste Water and Organic Waste Treatment technology. We want to achieve the topmost position in the area of waste management technology providers. Our team visualizes a society that is not bound by the chains of mediocre thinking and is open to embracing the new technologies which we have created while keeping in mind the most intricate details and effect of our actions on the environment. Looking forward we see a world which is not dominated by harmful, complex and costly methods of treating waste but a world where waste is turned into something which is useful and safe for our environment.


Enbio Green aims to eradicate the traditional and obsolete ways of treating waste, these methods have a harmful effect on the life in and around them and have been a topic of ruckus among the various environmentalists of the world. As such, we will provide solutions to our clients which are born out of the rapid technology advancements that have been a boon for our society. Our solutions are of the backward and forward outlook as we will work with determination to repair the damage that has already been imposed on various landforms, water bodies; as well as empowering businesses and communities to have an ecologically sound mindset.

Our Team

Mr. Satish Bhatt

Founder, Director & CEO

Mr. Amit Kumar

Operation Manager

Mr. Malkeet Jaglan

Project Engineer